SCential Security Suite

Unparalleled network visibility. Quickly detect and respond to the threats that matter most.

Unmatched value. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing per year compared to your current SIEM.

The SCential Suite offers a powerful and secure cloud based Intrusion Detection platform that provides the ability for companies to meet the Detect CSF function by levering the SCential technology to detect advanced threats with these benefits:

  • No large capital investment in hardware and software;
  • No knowledge of complex Network Intrusion detection rules required;
  • No requirement for staffing to manage complex technology; and
  • No complex system administration.

Visibility – Correlation – Response

SCential provides the visibility into network intrusion detection risk with correlation to the threat metrics that allow quick identification of anomalous activity of devices. Dashboards with executive and detailed metrics provide drill down ability.

SCential’s Enterprise technology provides the following features:

Email alerts to your security teams

Network security monitoring and traffic analysis with signature based matching and threat detection rules;

Real-time comprehensive dashboard reporting for fast identification of threats

Ability for your technical analysts to do deep dive threat hunting

Email alerts and access to SCential's expert team to provide real-time mitigation consulting and advisory

Threat decoding on over 25 protocols and integration third party threat intelligence

Device monitoring for anomalous behavior such as trojans, malware, exploits, policy violations, and many others

Allows faster response and recovery action to begin