About Us

Offering Your Organization Forward-Thinking Streamlined GRC

When it comes to GRC, we’re all about streamlining and simplifying,
so the process provides clarity to stakeholders and grows your bottom line.

We like to apply that principle throughout our entire business, so we’ll keep things simple:

We help organizations take their risk management processes from siloed, overly complex, and inefficient to streamlined, actionable, and effective.

Our Team’s Expertise

Since our start in 2015, our focus has been to provide the tools, team, and guidance to ensure success. Since we pride ourselves in being strategy experts (not just single technology experts), we can design an effective plan to achieve your organization’s compliance and manage risk and provide the necessary technology and skill sets to implement that plan.

Cential Leadership Team

David Ponder


Andrew Gunter


Jannie Wentzel


Jason Rohlf

Senior Director

Why Cential for Risk Management Solutions?

Our clients always come first—which is why we partner with multiple risk management solutions so you can have full confidence that we are committed to creating the best GRC processes tailored to your unique organization.

We are proud to be forward-thinking, client-centered GRC service providers, and we look forward to helping build #TheFutureOfGRC with you.

Simplify your GRC processes for more effective risk management.