About Us

Offering Your Organization Streamlined Risk Management

At Cential, we help organizations assess risk, develop GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and Integrated Risk Management programs, and implement eGRC systems. We provide managed services to companies looking to outsource their risk management functions so that they can focus on what they do best. We provide our clients with the best tools to achieve compliance with the most efficient workflows that require the least amount of resources.


We pride ourselves in figuring out the best option for each client, and we believe that the client’s needs always come first. This is why we partner with multiple risk management solutions—we didn’t want to limit the ways we can serve our clients with one singular technology or process. No two organizations are the same; when you work with us, you can have full confidence that we will find the best solutions and processes that work best for your individual organization.


We believe that risk management and risk data analysis is dependent on your business’ goals and how they are impacted by your current attributes and environment. Our clients have varying needs from implementation to resources to processes and more. We do not accept reference fees from vendors in order to promise our clients the best solution for their organization. We bring to the client what’s best for the client.

Our Team’s Expertise

We’ve grown our team through first hand experience working with each other, and we think that says a lot. Our seasoned professionals combine deep experience, cutting edge tools, and customized skills that others cannot provide.

Each of our partners, directors, and team members brings their own area of expertise to the organization in order to improve our service offerings and client experience.

Cential Leadership Team

David Ponder


Bryan Johnson


Andrew Gunter


Jannie Wentzel


Roy Verrips

Senior Director

Jason Rohlf

Senior Director

Why Cential for Risk Management Solutions?

At Cential, we pride ourselves in being process experts, not just single technology experts. We have a deeply connected team and deep relationships with our vendor partners.

GRC is not a one-time, check-the-box type of engagement; GRC is specific to each organization and has to be sustained over time. We know that there’s a need for effective risk management programs that your organization can actually maintain over time—and we’re here to help meet that need. We have the people, processes, and technologies to meet whatever your individual risk management goals may be.

Cential is a highly experienced firm with a deep understanding of how to establish a plan that meets each client’s specific needs and has the skillset on our team to implement these plans as well. We partner with our clients to provide the tools, guidance, and the team for success.

Simplify your GRC processes for more effective risk management.