Cential AI Hub

Integrate AI Large Language Models (LLMs) to your GRC platform to improve process efficiency. 

The Cential AI Hub filters entries to maintain data privacy and automatically generates contextual Risk and Compliance content directly in your GRC environment.

Experience the cutting-edge fusion of AI technology and GRC best practices with Cential. Our unparalleled expertise in Risk and Compliance processes enables us to seamlessly integrate AI, revolutionizing your GRC operations.

Maximize your productivity, saving time on research, data entry, data mapping, automated content creation and data correlation. 

Unlock unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and insights with our innovative solution.

Cential’s AI Hub facilitates: 

  • Auto-population of GRC records with single field entry 
  • Customized content suggestions via Prompt Engineering 
  • Privacy filtering to protect sensitive data.

Accelerate the creation of risk and compliance content in popular GRC Solutions. Example use cases include:

Risk register population

Suggested controls for a risk 

Policy creation

Third Party profile population


Regulatory risk requirements per selected framework. 

IT product demand detail population including risks and justification

GRC Solutions

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