NERC Solution

Elevate your utility’s NERC compliance program with Cential’s NERC GRC Solution, to safeguard your operations and maintain regulatory excellence.

Our solution, built on Onspring’s no-code platform, offers easy customization to meet your specific needs by providing a comprehensive NERC library through Cential’s data subscription service.

Use cases include:

NERC Standard Accountability Matrix

NERC Risk Assessments


NERC Control Management

Issue & Remediation Management

Compliance Projects & Tasks

Potential Non-Compliance Incidents & Self-Reports

MOD-025, MOD-026 & 027 Compliance

PRC-005 Preventative Maintenance Monitoring

NERC Report Tracker (e.g., PRC-019, 023, 024, 025, 026, 027, TPL-007, VAR-002)

Evidence Requests

Cential is an industry leader with nearly a decade of experience in implementing tailored GRC and NERC solutions. Automate, standardize and centralize your NERC functions into a streamlined program, powered by GRC technology to maximize efficiency, minimize risks, and achieve regulatory excellence, with Cential.

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