About Us

Zachary Schaefer,

PhDOwner, Spark The Discusssion

The folks at Cential are innovative business risk technologists. They use forward thinking design to align GRC technologies with efficient, sustainable risk management processes. Always focused on risk environment maturation, they provide top-notch technical expertise built on a solid foundation of years of risk and compliance experience. I’ve partnered with Cential because they deliver

We are
Risk Management Experts

We help organizations assess risk, develop GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and Risk Management programs, and implement eGRC systems.

We Provide
Managed Services 

…for companies looking to outsource their risk management functions so that they can focus on what they do best.

We Have Developed  Multiple Regulatory Compliance Technology Solutions

…to provide companies with the best tools to achieve compliance with the most efficient workflows and requiring the least resources.

Our Philosophy

Cential believes that your organization’s needs come first. We believe that risk management and risk data analysis is dependent on your business’s goals and how they are impacted by your current attributes and environment. We aim to understand the challenges you are facing and what’s going on with your overall business situation first.

We have the people, processes, and technologies to meet your needs.

We’ve grown our team through first hand experience working with each other — we think that says a lot. Our seasoned professionals combine deep experience, cutting edge tools, and customized skills that others cannot provide.

We partner with our clients to provide the tools, guidance, and the team for success.