• We are technology risk experts, and we help organizations assess risk, develop GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and Risk Management programs, and implement eGRC systems.
  • We are cybersecurity experts and we help organizations assess and improve their technology security posture.
  • We developed the Cential NERC Compliance Solution to provide companies with the best tool to achieve NERC compliance with the most efficient workflows and requiring the least resources.
  • We developed the SCential Security Incident and Event Management tool to provide companies better enterprise level network and host security awareness at a lower cost than other industry leading tools.

We have the resources to meet your needs. We’ve grown our team through first hand experience working with each other — we think that says a lot. We are deeply experienced professionals including former “Big 4” management, web technologists, system engineers, and industry professionals with hands on Information Security, IT Audit, and IT Risk Management/GRC experience.  This expertise allows us to both provide valuable and realistic services and advice to your business, and implement the processes and systems to support your technology security and technology risk management needs. Our seasoned professionals combine cutting edge tools, timely service, and customized skills in ways others do not.

Our story: After working together on multiple projects at multiple businesses where we interacted with large technology consulting firms, our team realized the value of our skills and offerings, and that we could help businesses more quickly and in a more adaptable manner than those other firms. We’re proud to say we’ve maintained our speed and flexibility as we’ve grown.

We decided we’d help large businesses handle technology security and risk with faster, lighter, more effective solutions. We decided we’d empower small and medium sized businesses’ technology departments with tools and services that were previously out of reach.

These decisions have helped form who we are today. We’re Cential, and we’re excited to work with you.

The folks at Cential are innovative business risk technologists. They use forward thinking design to align GRC technologies with efficient, sustainable risk management processes. Always focused on risk environment maturation, they provide top-notch technical expertise built on a solid foundation of years of risk and compliance experience. I’ve partnered with Cential because they deliver.
Zachary Schaefer, PhD

Owner, Spark The Discusssion