Risk Advisory Services

CMMC Maturity Level 1-3 Certification Assessment

Are you ready to be certified? Cential is a CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO) and pending Certified Third-Party Provider Organization (C3PAO) with three CMMC Provisional Assessors (ML1-3) and assessment teams currently on staff.


CMMC Current State Assessment & Implementation Roadmap

Perfect if you’re in the early stages of your journey for CMMC certification, our team assists your organization with understanding CMMC requirements and developing a certification roadmap. This includes:
Identifying where CUI is stored, transmitted, or processed within your IT environment;
Identifying policies, procedures, people, processes, and technologies required to meet the CMMC ML1-3 obligations; and
Delivering a CMMC Plan of Action with prioritized milestones and due dates for CMMC achievement.

CMMC Mock Assessment

Do you think you’re ready for certification but want to be sure? If your organization has been working towards CMMC compliance but there are concerns about passing an actual assessment, a Mock CMMC Audit should be considered. Cential has Provisional Assessors on staff that can perform such an assessment for reassurance of your CMMC readiness. Our team:
Holds information interviews (affirmations) for CMMC practices;
Observes CMMC practices through procedural demonstrations and tests;
Collect and examine Objective Evidence (artifacts) for each of the 110 practices; and
Provides detailed CMMC ML1-3 assessment results.

Identifying and managing risk drives an organization’s success. Using accurate metrics enhances your strategic business decisions — decisions that leverage risk awareness

  • Establish a strong governance framework, and ongoing risk monitoring through the performance of regular risk assessments 
  • Provide ongoing regulatory updates for risk monitoring
  • Automate your risk monitoring through an automation enabled platform

Services include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Compliance Assessments
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Policy and Controls Implementation
  • Segregation of Duties Analysis
  • Outsourced Internal Audit and Board Reporting

CMMC Services

  • CMMC Current State Assessment & Implementation Roadmap
  • CMMC Mock Assessments
  • CMMC Maturity Level 1-3 Certifications

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