NERC Solution

Cential’s NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) solution helps utilities of all sizes manage their NERC risk & compliance program. 

Our solution enables organizations to track compliance with individual NERC Standards & Requirements, including:

  • Performing risk assessments
  • Executing RSAWs
  • Automate evidence requests
  • Creating and monitoring controls
  • Tracking issues and remediations
  • Tracking Incidents
  • Managing Self-Reports
  • Mapping requirements to critical facilities and assets.
  • Managing MOD-026 & 027 compliance
  • Managing compliance tasks

Onspring GRC Platform

Cential’s NERC solution is built upon the award winning Onspring GRC Platform. Onspring no-code configuration enables organizations to automate their business processes through its drag and drop interface and visualize data through its real-time reports and dashboards.

Thanks to Onspring’s no code configuration, Cential can assist your organization in the rapid deployment of the NERC solution or with the development of custom applications to support your organization’s unique processes. 

Additionally, Cential’s NERC compliance solution integrates with the broader Onspring GRC platform, enabling organizations to manage other risk and compliance processes (e.g., SOX, ERM, BCM/DR, Third Party Risk Management, etc.) inside the solution. For example, a control documented and tested for NERC can also be tied to FERC, NIST, or other frameworks and managed through a test once and apply to many philosophy.

NERC Standards & Requirements Content

Cential provides automatic updates to the NERC Standards and Requirements content so you can stay up to date on new and revised standards. The New/Revised Standard process enables you to quickly track impacted Processes, Controls, People, and Facilities and Assets when a Standard is updated. Thereby, removing the need to maintain manual spreadsheets and forms to monitor your NERC program.

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