Archer 6.5 is Here!

RSA Archer recently released the next iteration of Archer – version 6.5 – and it has some exciting new updates. Here is a rundown of the new and exciting features that are available in RSA Archer Release 6.5:

  • Elasticsearch – a licensed solution to allow searching on large databases, will have additional cost $.
  • Batch Content Save to History Log – the ability to choose whether to record data feed updates to the History Log.
  • Set Max Threads per job type – this is for job management.
  • SQL Server Updates – in 6.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP1 OR 2017 are the only supported database versions. This is to enable the future Archer Platform growth.
  • Calculated Cross References – originally added in 6.4, now you can maintain data relationship integrity with in-line editing by users in related record fields. This is a “click saver”.
  • Bulk Create Records – can concatenate fields to add context to more easily see relationships and groups.
  • Values List – Top vote-getter on RSA Ideas – the ability to set the value to “No Selection”.
  • Advanced Workflow Full Screen Designer – gives the Advanced Workflow more screen real estate.
  • Field Level Encryption – now supports the encryption of the field types for Images and Attachments in the database. Helps with segregation of duties and limiting visibility for administrators based on a “need to know” only.
  • Mobility – integration with Mendix for a low-code app development platform, allowing the option to build apps based on your needs. RSA Exchange R6 will have common widgets.
  • Record Permissions – Changes to record permissions to support the RSA Exchange R6 integration with Konexus for crisis management with BC/DR.
  • Chart Improvements – change to the defaults: remove gray background, default to “standard” shading instead of “glass”, change legend font and size.
  • PowerPoint – Print and export to Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Excel – Export to .xlsx instead of just .xls.
  • Export Names – Exports are no longer named “Search Results” but now have the Report Name and Timestamp.
  • Visibility – Darken the field name labels with improved contrast.
  • Contrast – Improve contrast between the different sections on the Record pages.
  • Rich Text Editor – Update to the Rich Text Editor to a more modern look and feel.
  • Scenario Analysis – allowing more granular risk assessments using “what if” scenarios. Allows for taking into consideration high-impact scenarios:
    • new Scenario Application
    • new Scenario Library Application
  • Delegated Authorities – route approvals to the correct stakeholders based on authority.
  • Silverlight – Continued removal of Silverlight in Admin pages.

There are many exciting changes available in RSA Archer Release 6.5 and we at Cential have the expertise to assist with your technical upgrade. Contact us today!


  1. Oren

    Hi. Can an Archer admin/user export the questions they want their vendor to answer into an Excel spreadsheet format? And – can they import answers provided to them (the Archer owners/users) in Excel spreadsheet form into Archer, to spare the vendor from having to answer in Archer itself?

    Thank you

    • Holly Giammanco

      Archer does have an Export function which allows the export of questions into an Excel spreadsheet format. Also, it is possible to utilize the Data Import function to “re-import” answers back into Archer, although there may be some minor tweaking needed as Excel may make unexpected changes when being used as a .CSV editor. It’s always best to try it out in a non-Production environment first!



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