Cential Expands GRC Resources

Cential recently teamed up with Adam Froemming who brings to the team years of experience in the design, management and governance of GRC systems.  We’ve asked Adam to give us an overview of how he’s gotten to this point in his career.
From humble beginnings…
My youth wouldn’t lead you to believe I’d land in technology as a career.  Raised with a hard work ethic and grounded in fundamental principles, I followed a non-traditional education track.  Having to pay my way through night classes, and after many short-term office clerical gigs, I landed in a technology role providing desktop support.  I took the opportunity and ran with it not only developing a passion for maintaining systems and computers but then finding a direction to take in education.  As you can imagine, it took me some time but I did get a degree in management of information systems for which the skills I was already leveraging in my career.  Half a dozen years later, a fork in the road presented an opportunity to join a fortune 50 company.  With my background in the more technical side of things, it was a logical transition into a team that managed the companies GRC systems deployments.  As I’ve done with all the other opportunities I’ve been given, I put all my effort into learning everything about GRC functions, managing large-scale deployments, back-office setups and process design as well as the key partnerships that I would need to form to make my career successful.  Fast forward eight years, having managed both project delivery and operations support teams for multiple GRC systems at multiple companies, I’ve learned that what motivates me is helping teams realize the potential of the investment they’ve made into systems.
What I bring to the GRC table…
I have a strong passion to build things regardless of the medium.  In tandem with my unique background I bring to clients a mix of expertise ranging from back-office platform support to deployment roadmap and process design as well as expert-level systems configuration and deployment process know-how.  For more info on me, check out my bio and my LinkedIn profile.


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