Streamline GRC; It's time to streamline our risk & compliance processes.

GRC doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective.

More often than not, we at Cential find organizations are overwhelmed by complex GRC processes, siloed stakeholders, and the sheer volume of process data points. The end-user experience is too complicated, which decreases user adoption and satisfaction.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Streamlined GRC processes can and will accelerate adoption and increase user satisfaction.

This very subject—the concept of streamlining overcomplicated GRC processes—has been at the forefront of our conversations at Cential, as we’ve spent years evaluating the implementation approach and user adoption of GRC tool solutions and talking with stakeholders to understand the gaps that we are currently seeing in the industry.

The underlying theme is that people want less.

  1. People are overwhelmed by the concept of GRC—particularly those individuals who are not day-to-day risk practitioners or GRC professionals.
  2. The user experience—the fields, layouts, and how people interact with the system—is overly complex.
  3. These overcomplicated processes are forced on customers and stakeholders, who are expected to try and manage it all.
  4. As organizations attempt to implement these complex GRC tools and processes, the adoption and overall success of the plans and processes eventually fail.

We at Cential have been fortunate to present this concept to many of our peers in the industry and open further conversations around:

  • The three guiding principles in GRC that we believe every organization should follow
  • How to design intuitive processes that better connect with those you serve
  • Why a simplified end-user experience is a worthy goal
  • How to reduce what is required, organize what is left, and focus on actionable insights in GRC programs

If you’d like to view the replay of our Less is More: Simplify GRC for Happier Users breakout session from Riskonnect’s Konnect 2021 conference, click here.

To register for our upcoming ComplianceWeek webinar in partnership with Riskonnect and The Wendy’s Company, Cut the Clutter: Simplify GRC for Happier Stakeholders, click here.

For further information about streamlined GRC, stay tuned for the upcoming release of our whitepaper on this topic.