New Archer Feature: Smart Data Publication

We are excited to share more about a new feature Archer has now rolled out to SaaS production environments: smart data publication!

Archer 6.12 has been available to install in your on-premise environment since August 31, 2022, and was successfully rolled out to the Archer supported SaaS production environment on October 30, 2022.

Archer’s Smart Data Publication and Data Integration

Along with the release is a new feature within smart data publication: a data integration option.

This data integration capability allows you to download and extract all data within a solution from Archer. Therefore, all publications work at a solution level. (For instance, if you select the Issues Management Solution, DPS will bundle data from all applications [i.e. Findings, Remediation Plans, Exceptions, etc.] in that export.) The data that is exported can be used for data analysis and modeling, which allows you to do additional reporting on your Archer content. 

You can schedule publications to run at set times, so this is the type of process we suggest you automate to run daily or weekly. The publication converts records in your system application into a .sql or .csv file. The applications, questionnaires, and sub-forms are exported into their individual files and then zipped into a single file making download/retrieval trivial. All exported files are stored in the Archer SaaS instance. They are available on demand for 30 days.

Keep in mind that if you’d like to take advantage of this new feature, smart data publication is only available for Archer SaaS deployments and is not enabled by default. In order to utilize the feature, contact your Archer sales consultant to enable the feature and consent to the marginal storage fees that the feature incurs.

This new addition of smart data publication to Archer is a really efficient way to retrieve your SaaS hosted data, so we highly suggest you consider it for your organization’s data governance needs, as well as to provide detailed reporting into platforms like PowerBI and Tableau.

If you need assistance navigating the smart data publication feature or would like to see a live demo, learn more about this update in our recent YouTube video:

If you’d like to talk further about navigating this new beneficial feature from Archer, contact us. We’d love to help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your risk management solution.