Onspring came out with their 22.0 platform release on Sunday, March 27 and there are a number of highly-requested updates that are particularly useful for GRC professionals.

Jason Rohlf, director at Cential, walked through the new platform updates and expanded on those key updates and how they may play into day-to-day GRC activities.

Key Onspring v22 Updates For GRC Users

Live Report Filtering

Live report filtering allows users to analyze data on the fly within any report and even apply multiple filters at the same time. This dynamic filtering ability allows people to get extremely granular as they extract meaningful insights while evaluating a set of data.

Jira Data Connector

The Jira data connector enables creation of data in Onspring from Jira (which is a commonly used platform for ticketing and workflow management) and allows content updates to flow bi-directionally from Onspring back to Jira so users can remain in their preferred platform without hindering workflow. This will be a major update particularly within teams where IT and security professionals play a large role.

Workflow Email Enhancements

Workflow emails are a powerful tool to leverage the reminder capability and enhance how workflow is managed. Workflow emails already existed in Onspring, but now users can configure reminder messages to fit their individual workflows by dictating a specific date and time field or time in a workflow step to send out a reminder email. This will help ensure action is taken within the appropriate amount of time and further allow more proactive management of GRC processes.

Create List Values on Data Import

The new ability to create list values on an import is especially huge for administrators and those involved with data migration on Onspring. The ability to add custom data fields will save a great amount of time and burden for these users and enhance the quality of the imported data as users will no longer have to manually update this information.

Scheduled Dashboard Exports

Scheduled dashboard exports will drive more robust reporting and visibility—particularly to executives and non-users of the platform. This reporting capability has been in Onspring for a little while, but now users have the ability to identify a specific dashboard and schedule that dashboard for regular distribution to active users within the Onspring instance.

Other features such as the visual toggling of enabled vs. disabled statuses, batching attachment downloads, custom match fields for email integrations, and more will continue to elevate the Onspring experience for those Onspring GRC users.For support with guidance on implementing these features or integrating with the Onspring platform in general, reach out to us or contact Onspring Support.