Dramatic changes are happening in the world of risk, and it imperative that organizations are prepared to identify and proactively respond to these changes.

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Think about the changes that have occurred in technology in the last five years. Mobile technologies as well as cloud computing and cloud solutions have become prevalent across multiple industries, bringing with them unique cyber risks. Integration between the users of technology and the technology solutions available has also led to the arise of never-before seen risks. Understanding and reacting to the risks presented to an organization that brings in a refrigerator that must be connected to the company network to function, orthe impact of an employee bringing in an Amazon Alexa-enabled device that records potentially confidential company discussions. The risks presented by these new technologies must be understood and properly addressed by the stakeholders at every organization.

Keeping aware of the shifting nature of risk is crucial in order to remain a relevant GRC practitioner. This work is challenging and continuing to provide great value to our clients is of utmost importance to us at Cential. To that end, all our practitioners must obtain at least 40 hours of continuing professional education per calendar year in the focus areas of risk, governance, controls and compliance.

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