3 Important Risk And Compliance Trends In 2022 and How To Help Prevent Them

As technology continues to advance and improve, more risks arise in response to those advancements. Technology’s increased sophistication has increased the surface for threats and vulnerabilities to have an impact.. Further, the ‘people’ component of the People-Process-Technology “Golden Triangle” of risk management continues to play an important role in the risk landscape.

In 2022, data breaches have become all too common and the financial risk is greater than ever. While there are many risk factors that affect each organization differently, here are three top current risk and compliance trends that we see at Cential.

1. Insider Threats

With the great resignation, this creates significant issues when employees or contractors leave an organization. It’s important to know who has access to what, as well as keeping track of that as employment status changes. It’s important to remember to protect the organization’s information when people leave the organization.

2. Social Engineering

The rate at which risk can occur is shifting, changing, and accelerating. Most organizations have several different applications and databases that create a considerable threat and challenge to risk.

3. Lack Of Security Awareness

Protecting sensitive data has become more important than ever. An organization will want to protect all sensitive data they manage in order to prevent risk.

So how does an organization address the risk and compliance requirements associated with securing and monitoring access to critical systems and data sets? We have teamed up with SafePaaS to create an e-book that answers these questions and more.

In addition to unpacking these risk trends and how to address them, the e-book also discusses the implications of using ineffective and inefficient processes, as well as explores solutions for leveraging solutions such as SafePaaS in conjunction with broader GRC solutions to provide a solution to the problem.

The e-book chapters include:

  • What are some of the current trends
  • Data protection and data security
  • Sensitive data
  • Tackling data breaches
  • Solutions

Click here to download the e-book and stay on top of risk and compliance concerns in today’s digital world.