Cential Consulting Successfully Integrates Artificial Intelligence With GRC, Risk and Compliance

It’s finally happened. Cential Consulting has integrated artificial intelligence and GRC.

It’s no secret that AI is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives and has already impacted the lives of GRC professionals on at least a marginal scale. From Google announcing an AI-driven ‘code red’ statement, Amazon responding to the explosion of interest in AI, and even NIST publishing an AI risk management framework, it’s been clear that AI technology would soon be coming to the GRC space.

As of February 1, 2023, Cential is bringing AI to GRC on a whole new level.

We’ve successfully integrated Onspring and ChatGPT (and can do the same with almost any major GRC solution on the market) to automate risk management tasks.

As an initial integration, all a user needs to do is ask the AI tool a question in their GRC platform, and the AI tool consumes the information and drafts the statement and then brings the information back to the user through an API.

The demo above shows that this AI solution can be used to write a report, but other use cases include defining risk, policy or control statements, or suggesting potential controls.

Even better, users can utilize qualifying statements, definitions, dropdowns and more to further refine the AI-generated statements and even automatically trigger new records or be automatically notified when a statement is ready.

This changes everything for GRC.

As we at Cential continue to test out the tool on our internal initiatives, the efficiency and accuracy of the tool only continues to improve.

So there are many more updates and use case demos to come, but the main point we wanted to communicate now: this is just the beginning.

If you have any questions on what we’re building here at Cential, please reach out to any one of us through the contact form on our website.