ReadiNow chooses Cential as first partner in the U.S.

We are pleased to announce that ReadiNow has selected Cential as its first partner in the United States. 

The cutting edge ReadiNow platform brings innovation to Governance, Risk and Compliance; allowing organizations to simplify, streamline and automate their GRC frameworks. The no-code platform provides unprecedented configurability, allowing organizations to tailor the solution to their frameworks exactly, and enabling true continuous improvement to keep up with the rapid regulatory and market changes. ReadiNow is a 100% cloud based (PaaS) Application Platform as a Service provider with out-of-the-box solutions to address various Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) use cases. ReadiNow offers patented, easy to configure, automated workflows, forms, reports and charts that helps businesses to manage their business processes more effectively.

ReadiNow is a tried and tested solution, which has been successfully implemented in Australia and now successfully used in bigger enterprises like Australia’s largest Bank – Commonwealth Bank, Energy companies such as Origin Energy, AGL and has also proven to be scalable to SMEs, with cost effective options available for this segment.

Cential’s vision is to assist organizations to practically manage risk anywhere, at an affordable cost, while leveraging top talent. As a leader in helping organizations design, build, and operate efficient and effective risk management functions, we are excited to provide our US clients with another great GRC option. 

Reach out to Cential at or via our Contact Page to find out more about ReadiNow or how Cential can assist your organization in the development and implementation of your GRC program. Today