Streamline GRC whitepaper cover

What is one of the biggest challenges preventing GRC from being as effective and efficient as possible?

Doing too much.

People are overwhelmed by the concept of GRC—particularly those individuals who are not day-to-day risk practitioners or GRC professionals.

The user experience—the fields, layouts, and how people interact with a GRC software solution—is overly complex, and these complex processes are being forced on stakeholders who are expected to try to understand it all.

As they begin to implement these complicated GRC tools and quickly find themselves overwhelmed, adoption of the process starts to fail.

Processes have improved, technology has advanced, and risk management expertise have all grown significantly in the last decade, but GRC hasn’t made that leap toward becoming truly streamlined, intuitive processes.

Organizations have been too focused on demonstrating the sophistication associated with their GRC platforms and processes rather than streamlining in a way that’s focused on reducing friction and complexity and supporting stakeholders in a manner they can handle.

We at Cential have spent hundreds of hours talking with and listening to risk and compliance practitioners and the business counterparts they support in order to understand gaps in the industry, along with potential complexities associated with the implementation and user adoption of GRC tool solutions.

We’ve taken all of this research and gathered information and compiled it into this one whitepaper: Streamline GRC.

It’s time for GRC practitioners to follow the examples listed in our whitepaper and design streamlined risk and compliance processes in order to create a better end user experience and improve overall risk management.

Click here to access our newest whitepaper all about streamlining your GRC for better results and more effective risk management.