Cential Consulting Brings AI Automation With ChatGPT To Archer

Last week we announced that Cential had successfully integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into our first GRC solution, and now we’ve brought it to our second platform (and more to come!). We are thrilled to announce that we have introduced artificial intelligence automation to Archer’s Risk Management solution.

AI has the potential to assist organizations with a multitude of GRC use cases, forever transforming a user’s experience. The integration of AI into GRC is expected to result in significant time savings for clients and revolutionize the way GRC is approached.

Check out the video below as we demonstrate how we have engineered ChatGPT to assist in the documentation of a Risk Register record, including the auto-population of risk statements, suggested risk ratings, impacted regulations, and recommended controls.

We stand amazed at the power of AI and how this will change our world. This automation is a fantastic addition to risk solutions like Archer and will truly transform how GRC professionals conduct their work.

Artificial intelligence solutions can provide executives and risk managers with more efficient guidance on how to respond to risk-related events, empowering stakeholders to make practical, risk-based decisions.

These integrations are just the beginning of the roadmap ahead of us, and we are excited about the progress we’ve already made with integrating AI into GRC processes.

Utilizing AI to support risk management processes is a trend to keep an eye on throughout 2023. With the latest ChatGPT integration with GRC technologies, we continue to explore more opportunities and new use cases to automate risk management with artificial intelligence.

If you have any questions about what we’re building here at Cential, please reach out to any of us through the contact form on our website.